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What is a timeline?

Generally, a timeline shows a sequence of events or projects over a period of time.

Timelines are particularly useful for studying science, as they convey a sense of change over time. Wars and social movements are often shown as timelines.

Some timelines are used for project management. In these cases, timelines are used to help team members to know what milestones need to be achieved and under what time schedule. For example, in the case of establishing a project timeline in the implementation phase of the life cycle of a computer system. [wikipedia]

Visit the Timeline Examples section for examples of all sorts of Timelines.

Timelines for Documenting Historical Events

Lincoln Presidency TimelineOne use of a timeline is for recording or illustrating key historical events.

Examples of what a timeline might show:
  • Events in American History
  • Events in the history of American Technology
  • Composers through the ages
  • Trends in Fashion
  • Schedule for a Music Festival
  • Construction of a Building

Timelines for Project Management

Project ScheduleA timeline can be a management tool, one which shows a project's schedule, lists the tasks to be done, who will do the tasks and when each task will be done.

In Project management, a popular timeline format is the Gantt chart, as shown to the right. 

Tasks are listed (under WHAT in this case), people responsible are listed (under WHO) and their tasks are shown clearly under the timescale.

Many other Uses for Timelines

On this web site there are many other examples of timelines.On this web site there are many other examples of timelines.

Visit the Timeline Examples section.

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